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Arthur Alexander

Arthur Alexander was born in Sheffield, Alabama in 1940 in the center of the main music hub for the state. His father played the guitar and played in local clubs. Arthur soon found himself singing in a gospel group, the Heartstrings. Arthur began to write R&B and Pop songs and recorded “Sally Sue Brown” under […]

Bill Bolen

  Bill Bolen was born in Selma in 1928 and almost from the get-go, had an interest in radio broadcasting. He was working at Sears-Roebuck as a teen and an in-store repairman taught him things about radio. After graduating high school, he went to work for WHBB in his hometown. He continued his work in […]

Ed Boutwell

When you talk about music in Birmingham, the name Ed Boutwell soars above all others. He was to Birmingham what Rick Hall was to Muscle Shoals. Ed founded Birmingham’s very first recording studio in 1951 in his basement. The studio would later move to its most well known location in English Village. Nearly every garage […]

Bobby Edwards

It’s hard to think that anyone could have success with country music in California, the home of the surf sound and teen idols, especially just starting out, but that’s the story of Bobby Edwards. Bobby Edwards was born Robert Edward Moncrief in Anniston, Alabama in 1926, the son of a preacher. His first recordings were […]