Recording Date: April 2, 1956, Sun Recording Studio, Memphis, TN.  Written by Johnny Cash.  Vocal by Johnny Cash.  Electric Guitar: Luther Perkins.  Upright Acoustic Bass:  Marshall Grant.  Record Producer and Sound Engineer:  Sam Phillips.

An early Rock & Roll masterpiece.  Still no drummer in the studio.  Cash threaded another dollar bill through the strings of his acoustic guitar and strummed the rhythm.  Another one of Sam Phillips’ finest hours as a Sound Man.  The minimal amount of natural echo and reverb is just right, bringing out the clarity and beauty of the performance.  Here the sound comes not from tape delay, but from Phillip’s knowledge of the acoustics of his one room, 10’ by 20’ Sun Studio, his skillful placement of each of the musicians and microphones, and the wonderful balance of his mono mix.  As we listen to the optimistic message delivered by Cash through his lyrics we are once again hearing Rock & Roll music being born in the year 1956.   

Johnny Cash recorded and sold over Ninety Million records during his long career.  He was given the rare honor of induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Rock on!


Get Rhythm – Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two – Sun 241 (1956)

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