Please consider joining us! You don’t have to be a music guru to get involved. Visit an A.R.C.A. meeting and join the fun and fellowship with others who share your interest in music. If you can’t go to a meeting, you can mail a membership application to us. The application shows all relevant details. Your membership card will be mailed to you and you will start receiving the monthly newsletter. A.R.C.A. has members throughout Alabama and surrounding states so we understand regular attendance may not be possible. BUT WE HOPE TO SEE YOU WHENEVER POSSIBLE!

Membership – For What?

  • For friends who share my record collecting hobby
  • For records I can’t seem to find on my own
  • For a place to meet & discuss record collecting
  • For a way to interest & inform others about record collecting
  • For a market for collectible records
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Are you looking for the above? If so, we have something in common. Our Association grew from these needs.

If you would like to join…
You can come to any of our meetings, or download or print our Membership Application here, fill it out and mail it to us with your membership payment.

Please, send check or money order with your application;
A.R.C.A is not responsible for cash sent through the mail.

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Annual Dues