One of Alabama’s own power bands, Revolver, will make an appearance at this year’s annual ARCA CD & Record Show. Four very gifted musicians and songwriters first formed in Huntsville in the early 60s. The band consisted of two sets of brothers, Mike and Kenny Webber and Vannie and Dannie Warren. Like a lot of bands back then, they were heavily influenced by the British Invasion sound of The Beatles. They began to perfect their sound by performing Beatle’s songs and eventually changed their name from ‘The So…But So What’ to ‘Revolver’ based on the 1966 Beatles’ album of the same name. They could pretty well do any Beatles’ song and sounded enough like the Beatles to fool the most avid listener. While they became known for their Beatles’ shows, they also perfomed rock standards and a lot of original material written by the various band members. Their first single was issued while the group was using ‘The So…But So What’ name. Their other singles were issued under their ‘Revolver’ name. All four members continue to perform with various bands and occasionally reunite to do Beatle shows at various locations around Birmingham and Huntsville. ‘Revolver’ will be appearing on Saturday, May 1 at 10:30 am, so be sure to make plans to see them. (Four of their songs are available for playing from this blog, see left column.)