ARCA hopes that your visit to our 2010 CD & Record Show will be both enjoyable and successful.

I know that the ole weatherman is talking about a chance of rain this weekend, but that’s alright, you can stay nice and dry in our big showroom browsing through thousands and thousands of 45s, LPs and CDs. Be sure to bring those wish lists. With the large number of dealers coming and a complete sell out of dealer space, you should be able to find anything and everything you’re looking for. If you don’t have a wish list and just want to take pot luck and see what looks good to buy, go for it!!

There are very few music stores left in most cities and buying stuff off of the internet is difficult. It takes time to search for what you want, time to ship the item to you and then the item may not arrive in the condition promised by the seller. Here, you pick out the items you want, pay for them and take them home with you, and, by the way, no shipping charges! To help you in your shopping, if you have difficulty in finding something, we can announce it and hopefully a dealer will let us know if he’s got it.

There are many new dealers coming this year as well as all of the regular ones, so the selection should be phenomenal. Please don’t think that this is all high-dollar stuff; quite the contrary. Most items can be had for very little money, such as albums and 45s for a dollar or less and CDs starting around $3.

Don’t forget our special guests, Tim Hollis on Friday night, then on Saturday morning come and meet Rockin’ Dave Roddy, Revolver and Dollar Bill Lawson

The show begins at 4 P.M. Friday and ends Saturday at 5 P.M. General Admission is $3. Kids 12 and under are free. There is a special early bird admission period from 2 – 4 P.M on Friday ($10) for a first look. Parking is always free. Remember to keep your ticket so that you can depart and re-enter on the same day. This allows you to shop for a while, leave to eat lunch, etc. and come back in to shop some more.

Have a great time and good hunting!!

The Alabama Record Collectors Association