We have a very special and interesting guest lined up to speak to us at our September meeting. He is Jon Adair, a member of the Birmingham band, the Ramrods. The Ramrods’ story begins way back in 1959 when, along with the Premiers and The Epics, the Ramrods were among the first Rock ‘n Roll bands from the city of Birmingham. Jon was originally the bass player, but soon moved to rhythm guitar. The Ramrods started as a five member band and later expanded to six, with several member changes along the way and adding horns. Jon remained with the band throughout its entire run. The Ramrods played the college circuit throughout the southeast and appeared with numerous national artists such as Arthur Alexander, the Four Seasons, Roy Orbison, Del Shannon and Tommy Roe.

The Ramrods released several local records, but the most popular one, by far, was “Night Ride” b/w “Moonlight Surf,” both great instrumentals. “Night Ride” remained on the WSGN charts in Birmingham for several weeks. “Night Ride” and “Fire Tower” (another record by the Ramrod members) are included on this blog’s player.

After a wild, five-year run, the Ramrods called it quits in 1964. Three members joined with members of the Webs, a Dothan band, to form the James Gang (not the Joe Walsh band), which had several regional hits over the next few years. Other members got out of the music business altogether. Jon Adair joined the Navy.

Jon is looking forward to coming and sharing with us his experiences in the music business. He even still has one of his original stage suits that the band wore as well as his original guitar. I believe that he is going to bring them with him.

Visitors are always welcome and this is one you don’t want to miss.