Razz Ma Tazz (Henry is at the far right)

ARCA is pleased to announce that another honorary member is set to appear at this year’s big CD & Record Show.  The name, Henry Lovoy, should not be a stranger to anyone who grew up listening to music in or around Birmingham in the 60’s through today.  Henry has played music all of his life starting at a very young age, and I do mean young.  It’s also hard to think of a Birmingham band that Henry doesn’t have some type of connection with, even if it was just having sat in for a gig. 

Henry started dance lessons at 4 and by age 6, he was singing.  He loved Elvis and would impersonate him at dance recitals.  In 1954, he won a talent contest on the “Happy Hal Burns Show.”  The prize was a chance to sing at the State Fair.  By 1960, he had learned to play the drums.  At age 14, he recorded a song he had written himself, “Baggie Maggie” [included in player to left]. The lyrics were fairly nasty and had to be cleaned up before he could record it.  To this day, it’s a very collectable record.  In 1962, he joined The Counts as the lead singer.  The Counts would later change their name to the Distortions. 

Henry was soon playing the night club scene, even as a teenager and also played in various bands at one time or another.  By 1966, he was with the band best remembered with Henry as a member, the Rockin’ Rebellions.  He was still primarily the lead singer; however, he and the regular drummer Ross Gagliano would swap up duties in live performances.  The Rockin’ Rebellions released several 45s, but by 1970, the band had run its course.  Henry formed a band called Chair and released one 45 on Warner Bros [included in player to left].  Other bands followed.  He also recorded jingles for his friend and record producer Ed Boutwell.

Today, Henry performs several days a week with his band Razz Ma Tazz at Hogan’s on Hwy 280.  The band is made up of various musicians from other Birmingham based bands of the era.  There’s hardly a song they don’t know.  If you request one that they don’t know, they’ll tell you to come back tomorrow.  By then, they’ll know it. 

Henry will be at the CD & Record Show on Saturday beginning around 10 am.  Please drop by and see him.  He’ll be happy to take photos, sign autographs, etc.