Shoppers browse thru thousands of records

Thank you to everyone who came out to the ARCA CD & Record Show 2013.  Many people came to find that particular record they’ve been looking for and wound up buying a lot more because of the vast selection that was available from our dealers who came from all over the country to be here.  We had shoppers from as far away as London, Canada and Japan.  As promised, we also had the national record hunter Andy Cirzan and his film crew. Andy, who looks for unique and oddity type Christmas records, found several.  He was very pleased with our show and said that the segment here will definitely be in the documentary film they are making.  We will let you know when that comes out.

Henry Lovoy & Buddy Causey

Our two newest Honorary Members were also in attendance.  Buddy Causey and Henry Lovoy were recognized Saturday and received their plaques from ARCA.  They were both thrilled to be here and loved meeting with shoppers and visitors and talking about their days in music, which continue to this day by the way.  Henry plays several days a week at Hogan’s and Buddy has released several new CDs.  Thanks to two all around great guys for appearing and becoming a part of ARCA.

It’s now time to start planning the next one, so keep checking this website for updates and we hope to see you in 2014!