As previously announced, we will have members of the Tempos come and talk to us about the band and give us all the behind-the-scenes tid-bits and stories that are always entertaining. We even have some more good news. We had thought and announced that two members, Mike Shell and Terry Barnett, were coming, but also coming is a third member, Larry Cook, which are all of the surviving members.  The Tempos released one album, “Speaking of The Tempos.”  That album has become a highly sought after and hard-to-find gem for collectors.  This should be a very informative and entertaining meeting.

We gather at 2 pm for refreshments and music conversation. The business meeting/program is at 3 p.m. Visitors are welcome to drop by and meet us! We’re at the Homewood Library, located at 1721 Oxmoor Road, near Homewood Park. We meet in Room 110 in the lower level.