Ken was a long-time DJ from Birmingham, AL. He began his long career in 1958 at WYDE at the age of 18 under the name, Ken Keene. He remained there for several years, but, in the 60s, would become the station manager for Tommy Charles at his new station, WAQY.

In the 70s, Ken moved to WVOK as a DJ and changed his on-air name to Ken Michaels. He also was the first to do live on-air traffic reports known as ‘Eye in the sky’ from an airplane, not a helicopter.

In his later years, he became the operations manager and afternoon Jazz DJ for Samford University’s radio station, WVSU-FM.

Ironically, the day he became an ARCA Honorary Member marked his 50th anniversary (to the day) of his start in radio.

Ken died in 2011



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