Lee Masters is one of the most durable DJs in Birmingham.  Born and raised in Birmingham, Lee started his radio career in 1973 at WERC, then moved to WYDE.  He left the state for a few years and worked in Nashville, Memphis and Corpus Cristi.  However, he returned to Birmingham in 1981 and worked for Kicks 106 as Rock and Roll Jones.  In 1983, he went back to WYDE and helped to start the Oldies format working with ARCA. 

He worked at WVOK from 1986 to 1990.  In 1986 he was asked by the PD to develop a Sunday night program.  Lee had always been a fan of local music and Birmingham and the surrounding areas had tons of it, so Lee started a program called, “Whatever Happened To….?”  Each week would have a different guest who was in a local band in the 50s and 60s.  Guests included Henry Lovoy, Bo Reynolds, Bobby Marlin and Rooster Gallagher.  The show only ran for fourteen weeks, but it helped to spotlight some great musicians that might have otherwise been forgotten about.

The next year, 1987, Lee helped develope and then emceed the “Reunion of Sons and Daughters of the 60s” concert which featured local bands like the Distortions, Rockin’ Rebellions, The Townsmen, The Hard Times and many others.  The benefit helped to raise money for children of slain police officers.

For the next several years, after leaving WVOK, Lee moved around, since radio was becoming more and more automated and fewer and fewer DJs were needed.  He currently works for 105.5 news radio WERC, sort of where it all began, only without music; what a shame for that.

Please come and meet Lee Masters Saturday beginning around 10 am as he is honored by ARCA for all he has done for Birmingham radio and promoting the local music of the past.