Saddened tonight to hear of the passing of my long time friend, Al Lovoy. A God loving, family man, Al was the lead singer for the “Wild Vybrashons” who had local fame with this Birmingham hit cover of “A Place in the Sun,” in 1969. He was also the brother of Henry Lovoy, of the Rocking Rebellions, Chair, Razz Ma Taz and other great local bands. Please keep Henry, Al’s wife Diana and their family in your thoughts and prayers and listen, fondly, to Al’s soulfully, smooth rendition of this great song.
Sail on, in peace, paisan…

Submitted by Lee Masters, ARCA Honorary Member

“A Place In The Sun” – The Wild Vybrashons

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  1. I love you uncle Al I miss you so much. I listen to this when I’m feeling down and it makes me feel better. Can’t wait to see you again ❤️

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